Asuka Miyahara


born in 1985
Mie, Japan

2007 - 2008  Bath Spa University Foundation course of Art and Design−Fine Art, FA
2010 - 2012  Tama Art University−Fine Art (Painting), BA

2016-  Akademie der Bildenden Künste München bei Prof. Pia Fries


Grant, Prise

04.2020  Grants for Arts & Culture, Nomura Foundation, Japan

10.2019  Schorlorship for foreign Students, Bayern ministry of culture and science, Germany

Solo Exhibition

01.2020  You are not in [parentheses], but I am./Akademie Galerie, Munich
02.2014  Asuka Miyahara exhibition/ Garelly Objective Correlative, Tokyo
09.2009  The Creatures in a narrow and dark place/ de ca, Tokyo
08.2008  Asuka Miyahara exhibition/Cube Art Complex in Bristol, UK

Group Exhibition

01.2020  Differenz/Erholungshaus Leverkusen, Leverkusen

10.2019  Visite/MEME, Athen

06.2019  Chronicle/Kunst Quater Bethanien, Berlin

05.2019  Super Books/Haus der Kunst

07.2018  Dunkel/Jahresausstellung/AdBK, Munich

12.2017  Lucky Freeze/AdBK, Munich

07.2017  Ankommen/ClunIn, Munich

07.1017  Jahres Ausstellung 2017/AdBK, Munich

03.2017  Bergstaffel/Off Space Concept, Stuttgart

03.2017  Lucky Freeze/ UdK, Berlin

12.2016  Off Space Concept vol.1/ Off Space Concept, Stuttgart

06.2016  Rundgang 2016/ Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart
06.2015  Tokyo Wonder Wall2015/ Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo
02.2015  An open place.  A quiet place. A stimulating place. / Tokyo International Forum
02.2014  Tokyo Wonder Seeds2014/ Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, Tokyo
05.2013  Tokyo Wonder Wall2013/ Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo
02.2012  Aggregation and Diffusion/ Sagamihara Cultural Center Garrelly, Kanagawa
02.2012  The Five Art universities of Tokyo exhibition/ The National Art Center, Tokyo
05.2011  Tokyo Wonder Wall2011/ Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo
08.2010   A Daily Life/Rokugyoukai hall
05.2010  Tama Art University Oil depertment Selected Exhibition/ Tama Art University
01.2010   100artists exhibition/Ouchi Gallery, NY

© 2016 by Asuka Miyahara

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